The Service Provider's Guide to MedEquipTech


Register as a Service Provider

Technicians and other service providers seeking to get hired by a clinician should sign-up (and later sign-in) through the grey square on the right side of the home page.

1.)Click on Register Now

2.)Under 'Register as', select which kind of service you provide

3.)On the page that comes up, fill out as much information as you can to attract the right clinicians to your work.

4.)At the bottom of the page, click 'Submit'

At this point your account is set up and clinicians can find you


Adding Your Bank Account

Before you can get paid, you need to add your banking info to your account

1) Click the 'Payments' menu and select 'Bank Account'

2) Carefully fill out your bank details. Make sure ALL information is accurate before saving the form.


Log-in after Registering

1) When you return to the home page, click the 'Login' button inside the grey service provider box.

2) Enter the email and password you set up in the last section. Then click login.

3) You will be taken to the Service Provider Home page


Bidding on Projects

On the service provider home page, is where any projects will be listed that you can bid on.

1) Click on the bid button next to any project to place a bid

2) On the Bid page scroll down to the Bid Description to pitch your offer. Type in your bid amount and hit submit.

Editing Your Bid

Before your bid is accepted, you can go back and edit it

1) Use the menu at the top to go to the My Bids page

2) On the 'My Bids' page, click on the image that looks like an eye.

3) On the bid detail page you can update the bid amount and description


Communicating with Clinicians

Send a message to the clinician you are working with

1) Click the Email tab at the top of the screen.

2) Select Compose Mail 

3) Choose the recepient from the dropdown list and write your message

4) Click on Inbox to read any replies or messages from others


Awarded Projects

View projects that have been awarded to you by clicking on the 'My Projects' menu and choosing 'Awarded Projects'

Awarded projects will say 'Awarded' in the Status column. You can click the eyeball icon for more details.


Requesting Funds be Released

The status of an awarded project will change to 'Funded' once the clinician has allotted money to the project

1) Finish the project you were hired to do. 2) Click the 'Request Release' button to formally ask that the funds be sent to your account.