The Clinician's Guide to MedEquipTech

Register as a Clinician

Clinician's seeking to hire a service provider should sign-up (and later sign-in) through the blue square on the left side of the home page.

1.)Click on Start Project

2.) Skip filling out the form and Click directly on "Register" (You'll fill out the form in the future to log back in)

3.) On the "Clinician Registration" page fill out as much info as you can.

4) Then Scroll to the bottom and click the Submit button.

5) A message will appear confirming you registered successfully.

6) A link will be given to add a credit card or bank account


Setting up a Payment Method

If you didn't set up a payment method during registration, you can set one up using the 'Payments' menu

1) Click the 'Payments' menu. Then select the method you want to set up: bank account or credit card account

2) Carefully fill out the form and click save.


Log-in after Registering

Any time you return to the MedEquipTech site you can log in to see your project(s).

1.) Go to the home page by either clicking the  button or typing into the address bar 

2.) Click on the "Login" button inside the blue box for clinicians

3.) Enter the email and password you created when you registered. Then click 'Login'.


Create a Project

Post a project for each job you need a service provider for. 

1) Click on 'Post Project' at the top of the screen.

2) Enter as much information as you can about your project to attract the right service provider.


3) Attach any files that are needed to further explain the needs of your project.

4) Click 'Submit' to post the project

5) Click 'Projects' at the top of the page to be taken to a list of your projects. 

Viewing Bids

You can see if any service providers have bid on your projects.

1) From the Projects page locate the project you are working on and you will see listed the number of bids.

2) You will also see a blue button beneath "View Bids". Click the blue 'Bids' button for bid details.

Communicating with Service Providers

Send a message to the service provider you are working with

1) Click the Email tab at the top of the screen.

2) Select Compose Mail 

3) Choose the recepient from the dropdown list and write your message

4) Click on Inbox to read any replies or messages from others

Awarding Your Project to a Service Provider

Once you find a service provider with a bid you like, you can give them the job by awarding the project to them.

1) Go to the Bids page.

2) Click the 'Award' button next to the bid you want to accept.

Funding & Releasing Funds

Once the project and price have been agreed upon, funds need to be set aside before work can be begin

1) From the Dashboard page, locate the bid you are working with and click the blue 'Bids' button.

2) On the Bids page, click Escrow the Amount

3) Under Payment Method select one of the payment methods you set up previously. (If not done previously, Payment Methods can be added in the Payments tab at the top of the screen.)

4) After clicking Submit you will be told that the payment was escrowed successfully

5) Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, the service provider will request the funds and you can then release them to the service provider.

And you will receive another notification that the payment was released.